Clothes In Your Washer Coming Out Soaking Wet? Why This Is Happening

When you take your clothing out of your washing machine, the garments should be well wrung out and not dripping with water. If your clothes are quite soaked and you have to constantly turn the washer onto the drain and spin setting, you may have an issue. This is especially true if you are putting in the right amount of clothing. If your clothing is always dripping wet, the problem lies somewhere in your washing machine. Read on for a few troubleshooting tips to get your machine draining properly as it should.

Remove The Drain Hose

The drainage hose connecting the washing machine and the drain to one another may be the issue. If this is full of lint or other debris, including something small like a sock, your machine may not be able to drain water out properly. Worse, some water may back up into your machine, meaning your clothing isn't getting as clean as it should be either. Remove this drainage hose and inspect it. If you aren't able to get water to run through it, the problem is with the hose and you should replace it. This drainage hose can accumulate with all types of debris that can cause it to clog, including oils from your clothing or soap scum. Replace the hose with one that is the same type and size and run your machine to see if the water completely drains.

Clean The Lint Tray

Your washing machine has a lint tray somewhere inside. You need to look at your manufacturer's instruction booklet to locate it, as every machine is different. Once you find this lint tray, look to see if anything is clogging it, much like the drain hose. If there is a clog, or if it's full of lint, remove it and clean it out. This can also result in a stinky washing machine, so be sure to clean and inspect this tray often. Replace the tray and run a load.

Inspect The Drum

You may have a problem with the drum in your machine, as opposed to being a drainage problem. If your machine isn't spinning, it may not be able to get your clothing to tumble and get wrung out properly. If this is the case, the drum may need to be repaired. Inspect the clips holding it in place. If there is a screw missing, or anything hindering its ability to spin, you need to replace or repair it.

If your clothing is not getting wrung out properly, it's an issue with your machine you need to have repaired. For more information, contact an appliance repair service