3 Ways You Know Your Garbage Disposal Says “Repair Me”

A garbage disposal is an appliance that makes life easier in your home. It usually shreds food and other waste in your kitchen, making it easier to maintain clean pipes. However, it can also be a huge inconvenience when it's not in good working order. Your garbage disposal may be clogged or break down when one of the components is faulty. As a responsible homeowner, you should understand how your garbage disposal works and always know when it has developed a problem. You shouldn't attempt to fix any problem yourself, but you should hire a professional to handle it. Invest in professional garbage disposal repair whenever you notice the following signs.

Strange Sounds

A garbage disposal will make some sounds when turned on. However, the sound isn't too loud or disruptive. But it could sometimes make unusual or strange sounds, something you shouldn't take for granted. The appliance makes such sounds when an item is stuck down there or if there's a clog. You can try to remove the item to see if the appliance will stop making those strange noises. If the sounds persist after removing the stuck item, you should contact a repair technician for help. They will identify the real cause of the problem and fix it properly.

Disgusting Smells

The kitchen sink is perhaps the dirtiest part of your house. And although it might be the source of that offensive odor, your garbage disposal could also be responsible. It's normal to smell odors when running a garbage disposal, but you know all is not well with it if the odor persists. Actually, the odor doesn't go away even after cleaning the drains and sink. In this case, a professional should inspect the appliance and determine if it's the cause of the disgusting odors in your house.


Any well-maintained garbage disposal shouldn't leak. Usually, leaks are a sign of a problem that demands professional attention. Your garbage disposal could leak from the bottom, side, and top, releasing the content into the dishwasher or drainpipe. The appliance will likely leak when the seals are damaged, or the O-rings are in bad shape. Leaks could also indicate some parts are loose and need tightening. However, you should be worried when sink flange sinks because you might need to replace the unit. Leak, in this case, is a bit costly and complicated, mainly when handling it yourself. Luckily, a seasoned technician can handle all manner of leaks and repair the appliance at a friendlier cost.