Does Your Dishwasher Demand Repairs? Here’s How You Know It

A dishwasher makes your kitchen work easier because you can clean many utensils quickly. However, don't forget that your dishwasher has a shelf life just like any appliance in your house. Of course, dishwashers are expensive, so you would want yours to be reliable for a long time. Unfortunately, it can stop working before it exhausts its shelf life, causing a lot of inconvenience. Even if your dishwasher is built using innovative technology and designed to last, it can break down when its components are damaged or broken. The good news is that it will show some signs of failure before it completely breaks down. Here's how you know your dishwasher has developed a problem that an appliance repair technician should fix.

It Makes Odd Noises

A dishwasher that makes loud grinding or banging noises has developed a problem that demands professional intervention. Most dishwashers make such noises when something like a utensil or food pieces are caught or trapped in the pump. In this case, turn off the appliance and check if there's anything trapped in the pump. If there isn't but the dishwasher still makes a banging noise, contact a technician to handle it. You can experience this problem if the motor isn't in good shape.

It's Leaking

Water shouldn't leak from your dishwasher. Leaks usually indicate that the appliance has developed a serious problem. Typically, yours could leak if its door gasket is cracked, has holes, or is damaged in any other way. In this case, replacing it is a good idea because the dishwasher won't leak anymore. But if the door gasket is in good shape, the pump might be the cause. The pump ensures that water circulates properly through the dishwasher. So if it's damaged, the appliance will definitely leak.

It Doesn't Drain Properly

Your dishwasher should always drain properly. However, it may sometimes develop drainage issues, which you shouldn't ignore. For instance, it will not drain properly if the drain line is blocked or damaged. If the drain line is intact, then the pump could be responsible for the drainage issues you experience. But since you may be unsure of the actual cause, hire a certified technician to diagnose the problem.

It Doesn't Clean Your Dishes Properly

You also know your dishwasher isn't in good working order when the dishes don't come out clean. How you load the racks and the type of soap you use are some of the factors that could contribute to this problem. You can install a water softener, use different dish soap, or add a rinse aid to fix the problem. If your dishes still come out dirty after doing all this, seek professional help from an appliance repair expert.

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