Three Tips To Prepare For An Appliance Repair Visit

Your heart sinks when you realize that one of your household appliances is no longer working correctly, but you can quickly reverse this disheartening feeling by calling an appliance repair company and booking a technician to visit your home. Whether the repair person is planning to visit in a few hours or won't arrive for a day or two, there are a handful of steps you can take to make the visit go more smoothly. A little preparation ahead of time speeds up the length of the visit which, in turn, can save you money. Regardless of the nature of your appliance issue, here are three universally appropriate steps to take.

Kill The Power

There's no point in your appliance staying plugged in and continuing to drain hydro if it's not working properly. Unplug the appliance or, if doing so isn't possible—such as in the case of a built-in oven—flip the appropriate circuit breaker on your panel. This simple step has multiple benefits. If an appliance is faulty, you don't want it potentially igniting a fire. Some appliances will run steadily and risk burning out; in the case of a broken fridge thermostat, the fridge's compressor can continue to run in an attempt to lower the appliance's temperature, only to possibly burn out by the time the repair person arrives.

Get Cleaning

You don't need to worry about making your appliance spotless, but getting it cleaned out and accessible for the repair person can save time and money. Don't leave wet clothing in an uncooperative washing machine or dryer, as the technician will begin his or her call by cleaning up this mess. A fridge is practically impossible to work out when it's full of food, while the cooking sheets and pots and pans that you store in your oven will only be in the way. A little legwork on your behalf means the repair person can get down to business right away.

Prepare The Area

Although the repair person will take steps to make the area around your appliance suitable for work, you can prepare the space yourself. Move any furniture that impedes access to the appliance in question and place a drop sheet or moving blanket on the floor to save cleaning time afterward. If you're having the issue with your fridge, set a number of thick towels around the area—once you kill the power, the appliance will begin to defrost and make a mess that you can clean up yourself.