Where All Dead Furnaces Go: Choosing Eco-Friendly Options For Your Old Furnace

When you are looking a home furnace replacement in the face (or, in this case, the grate), you may be wondering what the technician will do with the old furnace after the new one is installed. After all, it is a large, cumbersome and mostly metal piece of equipment. If you are also worried about the impact your old furnace will have on the environment, the following eco-friendly options will help.

HVAC Recyclers

There are some companies out there who who promote heating and cooling recycling for HVAC systems. These companies may also be the same ones that do your repairs and replace your furnace. They have connections and agreements with various other companies regarding the safe handling and stripping of furnaces and A/C units for parts, and then recycling the rest as they normally would. If you hire a technician from one of these companies to replace your home furnace, be sure to request a full recycle on your old furnace.

Appliance Services for Refurbishing

Other technicians and repair companies, such as those that supply appliance services, may take your old furnace and refurbish it. As long as it is not too old, it may be refurbished or rebuilt and then donated or sold  to a family that desperately needs a furnace but cannot afford a brand new one. Now only is your furnace doing its part to help the Earth, but it also helps out others in need so they stay warm and safe.

Metal and Steel Recycling Plant

Finally, most old furnaces usually end up at a metal and steel recycling plant. The majority of all components within most furnaces are steel, or some other metal alloy that is easily recycled. Not all HVAC companies will ship or haul your furnace to one of these recycling plants, but those that do typically do it free of charge. Every last recyclable part is then melted down and turned into something else (perhaps another furnace). That said, you may want to ask your technician what will be done with your old furnace, just to be certain that it will not become a lump of junk in a landfill.

Requesting These Services or Inquiring about Them

Each of these services may be an "on demand only" service. It really depends where you live and how proactive these companies are about recycling. Still, if you do not ask, you cannot reroute your dead furnace to its next eco-friendly resting place.