Tips For Preventing Dishwasher Issues

Having a dishwasher around is quite convenient unless it fails just when you have a sink full of dishes. Dishwashers can be quite prone to failure. This is somewhat expected due to the frequency with which they're used. However, many dishwasher failures are completely avoidable.

As with any appliance, the key to trouble-free dishwasher ownership is to use the appliance correctly. Many people use their dishwashers in the wrong way, increasing the possibility that something will go wrong at some point. How can you prevent some of the common problems associated with dishwashers?

Don't Overload the Dishwasher

Overloading any appliance regularly is a story that never ends well. Household appliances are designed to handle a certain amount of load. Exceeding this load capacity results in poor performance. In the case of a dishwasher, you'll have to rinse the dishes several times, causing the appliance to wear faster.

Overloading the dishwasher can also cause the dishwasher to leak, according to some experts. This is because water will be diverted to the bottom of the tank.

Avoid Small Loads

Running the dishwasher with only a few items inside should be avoided for the same reasons why you should avoid overloading the dishwasher; it means running the dishwasher more times than you need to. The more you run the dishwasher, the faster the mechanical parts will degrade.

Scrape Food from the Dishes

Throwing your dishes into the dishwasher with large food particles still stuck on can damage the appliance. Food can get into the pump screen and the washer arms. This can cause the pump assembly or the drain pump to fail. However, you should also not rinse the plates completed before putting them in the dishwasher.

Avoid Using Too Much Detergent

Using too much detergent is the reason why you keep finding soap suds all over your floor when you wash dishes. Using too much soap can also cause a buildup in the machine that reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning and increases the wear of certain parts of the dishwasher.

You should also use the right dishwasher detergent when using the dishwasher. Regular dish soap isn't properly formulated to work with dishwashers.

Remember Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the thing that will help your dishwasher serve you for a long time. You can always expect a certain amount of wear even in a properly used dishwasher. Have an appliance repair technician look at your dishwasher at least once a year.