What’s Wrong With Your Dryer? Troubleshooting Tips To Repair Your Dryer

Your dryer is an important appliance, although it isn't a necessity in your home. You could take your laundry to your local laundromat or hang your laundry outside to dry, but it is a bit more work and can be a pain. If you have a dryer, you want it to continue working over and over again so you can just put your clothing in the dryer and get back to doing whatever you need to get done. If your dryer isn't working properly, there are things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. Read on for troubleshooting tips.

Check The Lint Trap

Check the lint trap to see if it's full. If the trap is full, the dryer may run, but it may not heat up as it should to dry your clothes properly. Remove the lint trap and take a look at it. If it's full of lint, you need to remove the lint on the filter. Take a look inside the lint trap opening and use the vacuum and extension to clean out the trap interior where even more lint may be accumulating. Test your dryer to see if it's drying properly. If it isn't, remove the dryer vent hose/pipe at the back of your dryer and clean it out as well. Lint may be filling up this hose and could cause your dryer not to work properly. It can also be a fire hazard, so it's important to clean this out at least every six months.

Check The Gas

Check that the gas is turned on to your dryer. If it isn't turned on, you aren't going to get heat to your gas dryer. If it's an electric dryer, you may have an issue with the heating element. If the gas is turned off, turn it back on. If it was on, it could be a different issue and you should hire a professional repairman for help with the repair.

Check Your Load Size

The size of your load can make a big difference. If you are overloading your dryer, your dryer isn't going to be able to heat up the load thoroughly, as the air won't be able to flow through the clothing. Try to remove some of the clothing in the load and try drying it again. If it still isn't working, it may be a bigger issue. Hire a professional repairman for help.

Your dryer isn't a necessary appliance, but it is a convenient one. If your dryer isn't working, call a repairman for help after using the troubleshooting tips above. They have the tools and know how to make the repair for you.

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