3 Common Microwave Issues & What To Do About Them

Your microwave makes it quick and easy to both make and warm up food. Having your microwave out of commission can really put a cramp in your ability to feed yourself. There are a few operating issues that can come up with your microwave, and you should be aware of how to repair these microwave issues.

Common Microwave Issue #1: Microwave Doesn't Run at All

If your microwave is not turning on at all, you need to start with the basics. Make sure your microwave is plugged in. If your microwave is plugged in, and it still isn't getting power, unplug it and try another appliance. If the other appliance turns on, then the issue lies with your microwave.

If the other appliance doesn't turn on, then you have an issue with the outlet. The breaker may have been tripped that is connected to that outlet, or the outlet may need to be fixed by an electrician.

If the power outlet is fine, then you may have an issue with the door switch. The door switch sends a signal to your microwave, and lets the system know that it can start operating. If the switch or internal locking system are not working properly, this will not happen. A certified microwave repair service can fix this issue for you.

Common Microwave Issue #2: Microwave Isn't Heating Up Your Food

Your microwave turns on, and the plate inside spins around, but when you pull your food out, it is not warmed up at all. If your appliance isn't heating up your food, there is one major issue that could be at play.

First, the high voltage diode that powers the magnetron, which makes the heat that cooks your food, is faulty, the system will break down, and your food will not heat up. These parts can be tricky to get to, but a qualified appliance repair person will be able to get inside of your unit and replace all relevant parts.

Common Microwave Issue #3: Microwave Touchpad Isn't Working

The touchpad is how you control your microwave. You use the touchpad to tell your microwave what to do. With a responsive touchpad, you can't really use your microwave. Generally, the touchpad becomes unresponsive because either the control board is faulty or the membrane switch is faulty. Switching out and replacing one or both of these parts is often all that is needed to get things working properly again.

If your microwave is not working properly, don't throw it out. Instead, get an appliance repair person to make a simple affordable repair. Repairing a broken microwave will save you money, and will help reduce your impact on the environment.