Got Mold In Your Fridge? Follow These Easy Instructions To A Mold-Free Fridge

One of the last places you want to run into mold is in your fridge. However, your fridge is the perfect place for mold to thrive, with all that moisture inside and the dark quarters. Luckily, with a few basic supplies, you'll be able to eradicate the mold in your fridge. Act Fast It is important that you act fast. As soon as you spot mold in your fridge, you need to make time that day to clean and remove the mold. Read More 

Three Tips To Prepare For An Appliance Repair Visit

Your heart sinks when you realize that one of your household appliances is no longer working correctly, but you can quickly reverse this disheartening feeling by calling an appliance repair company and booking a technician to visit your home. Whether the repair person is planning to visit in a few hours or won't arrive for a day or two, there are a handful of steps you can take to make the visit go more smoothly. Read More